Weekend Coffee Share : misty London.

I have long been following the Weekend Coffee Share posts but never been able to participate because I used to work most Sundays. This is no longer the case now so here I am.

If we were having coffee, I would start by showing you the pictures of foggy Greenwich Park today. Good timing with Halloween celebrations as the fog seemed pretty thick last night already. I don’t know about you, but I find fog beautiful, the kind of  bad weather I can not only put up with but also actively seek for its photogenic qualities and eerie atmosphere.

A glimpse of Canary Wharf

Back in the day, fog was inherent to London – dirty, suffocating fog that was due to such high levels of pollution it led to The Great Smog of ’52. I can imagine there was nothing beautiful or fascinating about fog then but look at it. Who doesn’t find a dim street lamp beautiful to look at?

Light drops in the mist

If we were having coffee, I would tell you it has been a different kind of week. I have felt a lot more proactive and productive (there is just something powerful about a word starting with pro-). I have resumed my TEFL course and even gotten two shifts in Gatwick on Halloween which, actually, wasn’t so bad. I got to wear a witch’s hat with orange hair and enjoyed some of the most amazing costumes in both my humorous colleagues and brave passengers flying through.

I have been sending CVs pretty much every day and applied to jobs as far as Shanghai and Dubai as well as, of course, London. Hey, you never know, do you?

I have also devised a blogging schedule which I will do my best to stick to and have a dozen topics lined up so… stay tuned!

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27 responses to “Weekend Coffee Share : misty London.

  1. What wonderful atmospheric photos, especially that first one. It looks like an ethereal city, above the dime world.

    I hope at least one of your cvs comes to rest in the hands of an eager employer. Are any nesting in Australia?

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    • It really makes an impression, doesn’t it? I’ve got about 10 photos of those buildings of Canary Wharf!
      You know, I haven’t seen a single job ad in Australia. I’ve heard your job opportunities aren’t doing well even for locals – though I’m not sure which fields exactly…


  2. Your photos are beautiful!
    I am happy to see that you finally made it into the realms of coffee sharers :) have a great week!
    I really hope that your cvs will be received well, got my fingers crossed. (it seems like everyone is in a similar situation to you regarding finding the right type of work…)

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  3. Some terrific images there, Ellie. Particularly like the first one – it makes a pretty familiar sight look extraordinary, almost like it’s from a fantasy movie.

    Glad you’re back – and looking forward to hearing more from you


  4. Welcome to the weekend coffee share, although I’m hardly qualified to welcome you, having only participated two times so far myself! I really liked the fog photos. We have lovely early morning fogs sometimes here where I live. Tell me, what caused the green light in the last one? It looks like a laser light.

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    • Thank you! Looking forward to getting to know you every Sunday. :)
      Oh, that green light is the Greenwich Meridian laser – zero longitude and the basis of the International Time Zone system.


  5. Believe it, or not, I’m joining you for coffee from rainy, foggy Sydney…or just a little North actually. Summer one day and Winter the next.
    Your photos are very atmospheric and I think it’s always interesting to see those iconic postcard views which always seem to be taken in perfect weather, through the fog, rain and if you are lucky, maybe even snow. Sydney Harbour can get some heavy fogs and really look quite lugubrious.
    Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and am starting to get to know people a bit and feel a sense of community here.
    Take care and good luck with the job hunting!
    xx Rowena


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