New month, new look.

The picture is a little irrelevant but I really like it, okay?

Happy 1st of September! Just a quick post to let you know I have a new theme. *she says jumping with joy*

I’ve wanted to freshen things for a while now up but despite an entire Sunday (yes, the-entire-Sunday) spent scrolling through WordPress themes, I couldn’t find anything I liked. Until today.

With this new theme, I wanted to highlight my hand-drawn header and add some character. I also wanted to feature more content and make some posts shine. This is the main characteristics I love about the Oxygen theme: the featured content slider.

I have noticed that people tend to scroll as far down as 2-3 posts and I can probably say the same for myself. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be a shame if your post from last week, the one you loved so much, got lost in the archives?

All of this to say… I hope you like the new look (I can pretend it was timed for September 1st but that would be a lie). Whether this is your first visit or you remember the old look, I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.

Is everything working fine? Anything you find frustrating or impractical?


Thanks for reading.
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24 responses to “New month, new look.

  1. Well its looking great on my phone! I will have to check it out on my laptop to see it revealed in its full glory. I too have been searching for a new theme for AGES, but cant seem to find one which really fits what I want. This has a nice crisp clean look, which is something I want, but I dont really want to lose my sidebar… too much important info there. Guess I’ll keep looking! All the best with your new theme! 😊

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  2. I’m conservative. It’ll take a while to get used to the new. First thought – clean and uncluttered. I’ll have to learn its features and differences. But your content is worth adjustments by this ageing mind! Congratulations on finding something you like – it was obviously a long search.

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  3. Great look on IPad Ellie, altho I don’t generally read in a browser so won’t see your full site. I shuddered about your Sunday looking for themes. I’ve done the same thing and stuck with my ‘same old’ because it all looks like too much work 😊

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  4. I like it. It’s clean and fresh. Nice header :)

    I have been thinking (and looking) of changing my theme as well. And, the focus of the blog. But it seems like a lot of work right now.

    You have given me a push.

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    • I swear I thought I’d replied to your comment. How odd.
      Clean & fresh is exactly the look I was going for so thanks for the comforting feedback.
      I’d be interested to know what you’d like to focus on. :) You’re so passionate about cycling I enjoy most of your posts. :)
      Seriously though, I had a browse for new themes probably for an hour or so, 3-4 days in a row. But once I found one to play with, it was actually a lot of fun. But like I said in a previous comment, I get far too caught up with customizing. I can spend hours on it! :D


      • I thought you were made at me :)

        It’s easy for me to write about cycling because I do it most days but I’m passionate about most things. When I only post about cycling, people think of me as one dimensional. I do other things. I’m interested in photography, architecture (:)), building, and writing as well. I like to combine these interests in some way.

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      • I’m not “made” at you! ;)
        Hey, if someone stumbled on my blog, pretty much all they’d see is “Morocco Morocco Morocco”. Seems pretty one dimensional to me but we both know there’s more. :)
        But maybe you should revisit the look of your blog and a new idea for expanding the focus of it will spring from there? :)


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